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Nov 3, 2019

Earth is starting to feel the loss of its most dependable consumers, it's chaos all 'round, and I got a fricking paper cut putting this episode together, so if you want to know what it's about, well, I guess you'll just have to listen, won't you.

Just a reminder that you can see (and support) a live appearance of Oz 9,...

Nov 1, 2019

It's the Oz 9, so of course they even manage to screw up Halloween. 

What do you do if there's an open and empty coffin in the hold of your ship? 

No, really, what do YOU do, because we've got bugger all for ideas.

You've been listening to

Richard Cowen as Leet

Tim Sherburn as Colin

Eric Perry as Joe

Bonnie Brantley as...

Oct 13, 2019

Leet's in Dr. von Haber Zetzer's lab, and you know no good can come of that. Colin is lethally in need of a nap, and the Albatros is on the hunt for a husband. 

Things are weird aboard the Oz 9, and that's saying something.

You’ve been listening to:

Bonnie Brantley as Jessie

Aaron Clark as le Bichon Frise

June Clark...

Sep 29, 2019

There's an assassin in memory storage ... that's just not something you hear every day, is it?

Colin's eaten a highly questionable olive, Dr. von Haber Zetzer is learning about strange cultural phenomena, and something about different kinds of peas.

It's another day aboard the Oz 9. Maybe their last day....

Sep 22, 2019

Who doesn't love a good origin story, amirite?

Here's hoping you also love a mediocre one. 

Even a sort of lousy one that involves a lot of people with fishy sounding names (you'll get that joke once you've heard it). 

This is our cameo-laden bonus episode, literally dripping with the talents of some of our favorite...